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We Will Make Your Story Awesome!

Do You Want to Become a Better Writer and Save Money on Editing?

What would it take to give you complete confidence your manuscript is ready to "wow" your audience?
Download your FREE copy of our Self-Editing Manual to take your manuscript from 'meh' to mah-velous!

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Book Editing

Our team at Wandering Words Media will offer their years of expertise and love of all things literary to make your manuscript shine.

Developmental/Content Editing

Not sure if your character arcs make sense, or if the lessons in your nonfiction book are clear to the reader? Let us help you with your book’s content and structure.


Confused by commas? Perplexed by punctuation? We grammar nerds will get all the little details in line to ensure your story comes across as intended.

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Meet Qatarina Wanders...

Founder of Wandering Words Media

Hi, I’m Qatarina Wanders, founder and Head Word Wizardess for Wandering Words Media. I am a professional editor, ghostwriter, writing coach, and five-time Amazon bestselling author… but I got my start in the traveling circus.

Nope, not kidding.

My team and I are so excited to meet you and to make your literary dream come true.

And we’re damn good at it, too;)

Meet the Rest of Our Team >>

Featured Client Books

Because Who Doesn’t Love Showing Off Their Beautiful Babies?!
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