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Beta Reading

Holding Books

“What do you think? Is this working?”

You spent weeks, months, years on this book, but after all that time, you're just not sure anymore. Is it any good? Is it interesting, engaging, clear? Should you cut the first chapter, add a glossary, or combine two characters into one?

Whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction, it's easy to get lost in the weeds. After staring at your own book for so long, if can be hard to tell if the book is clear, exciting, or even any good.

Luckily, Wandering Words Media is here to save the day! We are happy to beta read your manuscript and let you know exactly what big-picture changes you need to make to realize your literary vision.

What does Beta Reading Cover?

  • Beta reading is not editing, but rather a "first look." It is ideal for the client who isn't sure if their book is working or not, or who might think it's working but isn't sure what needs to change to make it awesome.

  • In a letter or video call, the beta reader from our team will walk you through the big picture changes they believe will best enhance your book. For example, maybe you need to add more banter between the two main characters, so their relationship feels more natural. Maybe this book would be better as a trilogy. Maybe you should start later in the story and intersperse the first half as a series of flashbacks. Maybe you should add a chapter in the beginning of your nonfiction book that tells your personal story before jumping into the technical aspects.

  • In this creative and collaborative process, the beta reader will serve to answer all your questions and offer inspiration for your book's beautiful makeover.

  • This phase of editing is recommended for all writers, but especially first-time authors and fiction authors.

Our team is comprised of talented book makeover artists. We can tell you the missing ingredients that will take your book from "something's not working" to "it all just clicked in place!"

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