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Our Bundle Packages


 “I need it all!” 

We offer two types of Bundle Packages here at Wandering Words Media.

The first bundles together developmental/content editing with copyediting. 

The second is “Full Service Editing,” which covers, well, everything.

What does the Developmental/Content/Copy Bundle Cover?

  • This covers everything mentioned in the Developmental/Content page AND the Copyediting Page, but in one round instead of two.

  • This is the most time- and cost-effective option, and is recommended for authors on a budget or time constraint. It may also be recommended if your book definitely needs copy editing but might have a handful of structure, word choice, or voice issues you’d like us to work on, too, without needing a full developmental/content round.

  • However, because we are doing it ​all in one round,​ please keep in mind the results will lower in quality. ​Think of it like having multiple tabs open in a browser; when my team is looking for so many things at once, it slows us down.

  • Comments and suggestions will be added along the margins about things that need to be reworked, added, deleted, or relocated in order to make the manuscript flow better.

What does Full Service Editing Cover?

  • This includes everything discussed on the Developmental/Content page AND the Copyediting page, in as many rounds as needed (as well as proofreading by one of our certified legal-transcript proofreaders).

  • Your manuscript will be reviewed by at least three people (unless specified otherwise). Our Full-Service Editing team has been vetted and works together like clockwork. If you are working with other editors outside of our team, please be aware your results may not be consistent.

  • This high-end option is not for the faint of heart! It is ideal for serious authors and entrepreneurs who want to publish the highest-quality book possible. Just know this process can take three to six months and will cost more than our other options.

  • Important note: these are editing services, not formatting services. Please understand all formatting must take place after the editing process! Because we work in Google Docs, the formatting between Google and other document formats does not always translate the same way. Therefore, any images, graphs, margins, fonts, or citations in the document may change in the editing process.

From top to bottom, we can work with any book on nearly any budget.

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