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“Is this grammatically correct?”

You’re pretty confident in your story, but when it comes to the commas, you’re not so sure… and the semicolons? Definitely not sure.

You know that improper grammar can turn off many readers, and even muddle your message. You want your book to look professional, and you want your words to come across as intended, but you know you need help with the details. 

No need to fear! Our team is made up of detail-oriented grammar nerds who will happily comb your document for all those tiny mistakes that might get between readers and your beautiful story. 

What does Copyediting Cover?

  • This round of editing comes after developmental/content editing, and it includes scanning for grammatical and punctuation consistency, tense, vocabulary, verbiage, incorrect word usage, and spelling.

  • Please keep in mind, this does not edit flow, voice, syntax, or structure.

  • Comments and suggestions will be added along the margins about things that need to be reworked, added, deleted, or relocated in order to make the manuscript flow better.

  • This phase of editing is recommended for manuscripts that have either gone through developmental/content editing with us or are already pretty solid in their content and are ready for in-depth grammar edits.

Have you gotten a headache over confusing commas and tricky verb tense? Don’t worry. Our stellar team will get all those pesky punctuation marks in order for you.

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