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Private Fiction Writing Lessons

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"I have such a great idea for a fiction book...but I just can't seem to write it well."

Maybe you have a world and a plot and even some characters, but when you sit down  to write, it just doesn't seem to work.

Maybe you only have a few characters and can't think of a plot.

Maybe you have great plot ideas, but your characters feel two-dimensional, or your dialogue sounds cheesy, or your setting descriptions just don't seem to "pop."

Whatever it is, Content Queen Christina Bagni can help! A seasoned tutor, author, editor, and creative writing teacher, she's helped clients for years go from blah rough drafts to sparkling, publisher-ready manuscripts. Whether you're working on adding depth to your outlines or fine-tuning your final draft, she can be just the mentor you need to get that fiction story out there.

What do these lessons look like?

  • Private Fiction Lessons are one hour long and take place over Zoom and Google Docs.

  • You share your document with Christina ahead of time, and then the two of you discuss its strengths and weaknesses, ways it can be improved, and so on, all while learning skills to improve your writing in the future.

  • This does NOT cover publishing or marketing--it is just about the art and craft of fiction writing. 

  • It is detailed, intensive, personalized, and extremely helpful. You WILL come away from your lessons a stronger writer. 

  • Having a professional help you can start your book off on the right foot--this means less editing in the future, and more confidence in the present! If you're a writer at heart but are missing some of the skills you need to take your craft to the next level, she's your gal.

What makes her different?

Hi! I'm Christina, the chief editor and fiction writing tutor at Wandering Words. My debut novel was published by Deep Hearts YA, a traditional publisher, in 2023. My portfolio also includes several poems, short stories, and nonfiction articles in magazines and journals, as well as some self-published works, too. Writing is my life, especially novel writing, and I love working with writing students to make their books sparkle. 

In my lessons, I don't focus on how to find motivation or how to follow current trends. I don't tell you general advice--instead, I closely read your writing, and I work with you to find creative, individualized solutions. I focus on how to use the skills of the craft to make your idea connect with the reader efficiently and beautifully. I excel at working with writers to find unique solutions to plots that aren't working, characters that just don't feel right, and writing that, for one reason or another, isn't popping off the page.


Parts of writing are "like a science," but writing is really an art. Like any art, it takes hard work, solid training, and a good mentor. Anyone can write, but no one becomes a great writer overnight. However, together, we can get you the boost you need to become the writer you've always dreamed of becoming.

Whatever you're struggling with, I know I can help you develop the skills to overcome it.

"Ms. Christina Bagni is a very courteous instructor who is kind and respectful. She has helped me improve my writing exponentially throughout my high school years and beyond. She is very relatable and humble, which is what makes her a very fun teacher to work with. It feels more like a friend is helping you with your writing rather than a teacher." ~N. W. Frederick 



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