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Meet Qatarina Wanders, Founder of Wandering Words Media

Qat-Main-Profile- (1).png
Qat-Main-Profile- (1).png

The Wandering Word Wizardess

Qatarina Wanders is a former circus performer turned author and self-made businesswoman (with a wee bit of a unicorn obsession). She has edited more than 4,000 books and ghostwritten over 100, including New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers.

Her extensive experience in the world of self-publishing and editing spans more than a decade and means she is uniquely placed to help authors achieve their dreams of publication and get their messages out into the world. In addition, she is a single mom, competitive weightlifter, avid reader, and skydiver. 

Writing has been a big part of Qatarina’s life for as long as she can remember. As an avid reader, writer, and book editor, she fosters a deep love for the written word. Heck, she has studied seven languages! Qatarina holds both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in English Literature and Editing with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She is also a Certified Professional Editor (CPE). 

After seeing a very real need for traditional-publishing quality in the self-publishing world, Qatarina built Wandering Words Media in 2016 when she decided it was time to settle down from traveling circus life and build something more sustainable.

After a ton of trial and error, obscene amounts of coffee, and a relentless determination to crash through walls and repeatedly pick herself back up, Qatarina has now produced hundreds of successful books (of her own and for clients), coached dozens of entrepreneurs, built her business from zero to six figures and beyond, and been featured on numerous media outlets.

When she isn’t writing, reading, or editing books, she is likely lifting weights, sweating in a hot yoga class, eating sushi with her daughter, Ora Wanders—a published author at ten years of age—or jumping out of a plane in the Rocky Mountains.

Meet Christina Bagni, Chief Editor


The Content Queen

Christina is the Chief Editor at Wandering Words Media. She also handles client communications, helping authors discover just what kinds of editing their book babies need. She began working with Qatarina while attaining her Master’s in English Education at Gordon College, and she also holds a BFA with distinction from Emerson College in Writing, Literature, and Publishing with a concentration in Creative Writing.

Words are the focal point of her life, and have been since she finished writing her first novel in middle school (it was terrible. She’s gotten much better since then, thank goodness). She believes stories can change the world, and nothing makes her happier than making manuscripts shine.


Nowadays, when not editing with Wandering Words Media, she writes her own fiction novels and tutors high schoolers in creative writing. She also runs local Dungeons and Dragons campaigns–and writes all the adventures herself.

You can find her work in Lit202, Divot Lit, and Brigids Gate Press, among others. Her debut novel, My Only Real Friend is the Easter Bunny at the Mall (Deep Hearts YA, 2023), is available now!

Meet Our Team


Allison Rose

Allison started by completing Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice and helping court reporters perfect their work by correcting tricky errors and ensuring consistency and flow within transcripts.

A reader and creative at heart, Allison now helps authors achieve their publishing dreams with her editing skills gained through Wandering Wordsmith Academy’s editing course and her proofreading training in General Proofreading: Theory and Practice. She works with both fiction and nonfiction self-published authors to bring their stories to life and polish their manuscripts to ensure the best possible reader experience. 


In her spare time, Allison can be found reading fantasy novels and writing her own.

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design.png
Copy of Copy of Untitled Design.png

Tina Pocernich

Tina spent over fifteen years proofreading academic reports as part of her employment responsibilities at a technical college in northwest Wisconsin. After completing Wandering Wordsmith Academy’s editing course, she earned her certification as both a content and copy editor. Since then she has been growing her editing business and looks forward to helping individuals polish their manuscripts so they can see their dreams of being published authors come true.  With her associate degree in Biblical Studies and a bachelor’s in Ministry, she specializes in editing Christian non-fiction.

Tina enjoys reading, summer camping trips with her husband, and spending time with family. She has loved ventriloquism since childhood and builds ventriloquist puppets for her daughter in her spare time.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled Design (1).png

TJ Marquis

TJ Marquis writes and consults on SFF novels, scripts, and games. Some of his favorite elements are transcendence, futurism, and righteous metaphysics. He enjoys blurring the lines between genres whenever he can get away with it, and reads other authors looking for the same!

A wonderful editor, outliner, and beta reader, he's ready to take manuscripts of any shape and size and turn them into gold.

Copy of Untitled Design (1).png
Copy of Untitled Design (1).png

 K. E. Koontz

 K. E. Koontz is an author with a hand in many genres, though she has a special love for fantasy and horror. She can often be found mixing genres together in unexpected ways. Her own voice – queer, disabled, and working class – can be heard loud and clear in every story that she puts on paper, and this background allows her to bring a new vision to longstanding genres.

From horse training to writing, her life has been filled with leaps, twists, and turns. She’s developed a keen eye for spotting when something has slipped the plot and loves to help other authors create the best possible story – not only through editing and beta reading, but through hosting local events and avidly reading and recommending other authors' works.


Dandy Anwuacha

Dandy Anwuacha is a creative storyteller, editor, and medical writer. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Biochemistry from the University of Uyo, Nigeria, and a Diploma in Creative Writing from HD Film Academy, where he now works as an in-house scriptwriter. His debut anthology, Stuck in the Wind, and novel The Abattoir hit the shelves in September 2021. 

Emma headshot (1).png
Emma headshot (1).png

Emma Tyler

Emma's love of words began in play. As a toddler she’d scribble down nonsensical adventures, and when she learned to write in school those stories spread to actual friends. Poetry became a haven for her angst in middle school, and in high school she learned journalism. Finally, as she entered college  she dropped the pen to pursue a career in horses, which resulted in her spending seven years at a glue factory. And that's how life creates plot twists.


In her quest to leave a sticky situation, Emma took a writing course which led to more writing, more critiques, more learning, and rediscovering her passion. Soon, people began to realize she also had a knack for helping fellow word nerds and insisted they pay her for her efforts.


So, today, Emma is a lifetime learner who is always enrolled in at least one writing course. Her days are spent click-clacking away at a keyboard, editing, teaching, and sculpting words into art. Her goal is to show writers what she’s learned, and to share the beauty of diction, the depth of syntax, and the nuances of story as she invites writers to play in their own world.

Ashley Headshot.png
Ashley Headshot.png

Ashley Emma

Ashley Emma wrote her first novel at age 12 and published it at 16. Now she is now a USA Today bestselling author of over 20 books, mostly Amish fiction. She started her editing journey when she completed Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice from Proofread Anywhere. Since then, she's edited, published, and launched dozens of books for her clients.

Ashley's novel, Amish Alias, was a Gold Medal Winner in the NYC Book Awards 2021. Her bestselling book, Undercover Amish, received 26 out of 27 points as a finalist in the Maine Romance Writers Strut Your Stuff novel writing competition in 2015. Its sequel, Amish Under Fire, was a semi-finalist in Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write novel writing competition, also in 2015. 

Ashley also owns Fearless Publishing House in Maine, where she lives with her husband and four children. She is passionate about helping clients achieve their dreams of becoming an author.

drew bio
drew bio

Drew Harris

Drew is a fantasy writer and a poet who has spent his life pursuing the art of good writing and editing. He studied Creative Writing at the University of Delaware and worked at his local newspaper to learn the importance of deadlines and accuracy. He joined workshops for poetry and prose both at the academic and professional level to learn how to help others with their stories. He hopes to one day publish his own fantasy stories as novels. In his free time, he and his partner live in Boston under the watchful eye of their tyrannical black cat, Luna.


Corina Douglas

Corina has always been an avid reader, writer, and informal editor in some fashion. In the past, she worked for local and global consultancies as well as running her own businesses. As a result, she is highly organized with a knack for detail. After having her four crazy kids, she decided to pursue her first dream and became a published author with a diploma in Creative Writing and also became an accredited editor through Wandering Words Media.

When not kiddo wrangling or editing, she can be found penning her own fantasy novels based on Celtic mythology, doing yoga, or with her nose in a good book. She has a particular talent for content editing by adding depth and quality to your manuscript in your voice.

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